How can you handle a negative person while you can’t leave them?

Honesty & dignity have nothing to do with cheap people. You can’t concentrate on your work if you have family issues or negative persons around you. They might not say something but their negative energy field, negative attitude will distract from your work or creativity. We all understand this feeling more or less and try […]

What shall I do when everything goes wrong in my life?

Everything is a part of your life First thing is – you must accept whatever is happening to your life. Don’t find the reason, believe me – you wont find any. Once you understand that whatever you are doing is wrong to the world, that means time has come to change. Remember, World will not […]

How you can plan to start your own business based on whatever makes you happy

Based on my understanding and practical experience here are the steps: Find purpose of your life Finding purpose in your life is not about convincing yourself that you were born to save the planet. This is about identifying – What makes you happy? What kind of work you can do 24/7 with love, without getting […]

Entrepreneurship life is for everyone – How?

Why is the lion considered the King of the Jungle? He’s not the tallest … giraffes are taller. He’s not the biggest … elephants are bigger. He’s not the heaviest … hippos are heavier. He’s not the smartest … hyenas are smarter. He’s not the most intelligent … Chimpanzees are more intelligent. When an elephant […]

What stops you from having the life you want?

If you are thinking like below, that is the bottle neck to your goal! It is true that most people are not living the life which they want and they deserve. There are many factors for leading a monotonous and colorless life. Let me list a few. 1: Focus Most people want everything that is […]