Frequently Asked Questions

Why your product is helpful to me?

Over 12+ years experience, we understand how developers and project managers handle a low cost project. If you decide to go with us, you will never feel lost for any kind of web-application related problem. No matter how cheap is the price, our support stays always high quality.

How can I benefit with these products?

This is a broad area to cover with. It depends on your requirement, your business and others. In simple word, these are tools to support your financial (or hobby) growth. But the core plan is yours. We help to deploy and maintain your dream plan for real.

May be you unemployed, a student or a professional in any field and seriously looking to earn money online in your spare time. When you plan to start a new online business, you can get overwhelmed with everything that you need to learn to get started and be successful. Choosing a full-fledged ready-made website is a very smart time saving decision. You can totally skip the website development time and move straight to the live website run phase so that you can directly start generating income from your new business website.

Should I purchase any of your product?

If you are involve with full time or part time any kind of business, you must have a website. Strategies never lie. Check the link to understand why you must have a website?

How do I get it?

Select the product from our home page or category page. You will see the description of the product. On the bottom of the page click on “live preview”. You will be asked to enter an ID and password which is mentioned ins the same window. After entering the ID and password you will reach to your product for live preview. Move around it, see if that fits with your needs. If you like it, you can purchase the entire product for you website.

How to purchase a ready made website?

Copy the URL which you would like to purchase. Click on contact us link from the top navigation. Fill up the form mentioning your correct email address and the URL you copied to purchase. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I pay?

We do offer time to time, therefore please visit our pricing page for latest offer and costing along with payment gateway.

Do you deploy your products on the hosting?

Yes, we deploy ready made website to your new hosting and configure for best user experience.

What is the costing of your hosting if I purchase product from you?

If you buy a product and web hosting on the same time, price will be reduced. Follow pricing page for more information.

Do you provide any support?

Yes we do and its completely free of cost.

Why product price is too low?

We have used open source software’s to develop our ready-made websites. Therefore we are able to sell websites at affordable price.

What is my role?

All you need to do is market your website through your friends, relatives and social media website i.e Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

Even though, all our ready-made websites are available with pre-posted stories, you may update your website with fresh articles by sharing your knowledge/ideas/experience in a particular subject i.e Cooking, Teaching, Home care, Health care etc.

Can I resell a product?

Resale of the website is not allowed. You can enjoy a referral bonus while recommending a customer.

Still have questions?

Feel free to navigate our contact us page and comment. We will reply you as soon as possible.