Plug & Play OS (operating system)

What is it?

Plug and play OS Is a portable operating system which can be use with or without hard disk. Currently we are using Linux based operating system with it.

Product variety?

You can choose any of the following option.

  1. 16 GB / 32 GB pen drive
  2. Ubuntu / Linux mint
  3. Cinamon / xfce
  4. 64bit / 32bit

Memory usage:

Depending on the operating system and architecture, file size (disk usage ) may vary. Average usage 6G b . Remains are free for work to save files on the pen drive itself. You don’t need to carry any other storage to save your files, docs, images etc. Even without hard drive you are ready to go.

Software included:

  1. Open office
  2. Vlc

OS update:

You will get full experience of operating system. You can update softwares as well OS kernel.

Computer hardware requirement:

  1. P4 or higher cpu
  2. 512mb or higher ram
  3. 1024 * 768 or higher graphics resolution.
  4. USB 2.0 or 3.0

Depending on hardware, speed will vary. Using 3.0 plug and play OS on a dual core CPU with 1gb ram and 3.0 USB compatible system will give you smooth computer experience.


This is open source operating system. Use, distribute, update everything is free and legal.

Who should use?

  1. People’s, who doesn’t want to carry laptop everywhere but want his own system environment on any computer.
  2. Travelers , who needs his own personal system environment everywhere with bunch of important software pre installed.
  3. Students, use that in your school or college, all work and settings will be saved on the pen drive. No need to carry any extra storage for saving files.
  4. Data recovery, access your old hard drive files. Linux distribution can read almost all file system.
  5. Office stuffs, who has limited access on their computer. Find a USB port and start the plug and play OS and then all is yours.

See our pricing here. Have question? Contact us and take the decision if you need it.

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