Free anonymous and stranger chat for your website

Do you won a website? You think a chat section would be better for the site? Cant find any free and simple anonymous stranger chat script over internet?

If your answer is yes then you have come to correct place. Today I will mention a chat script which can be helpful. Okay enough talking. Lets see what are they offering. For better understanding I am quoting their own description.

What is Anonymous Chat?

The title of this service presents all. This is a simple one to one chat service where the person does not know another. Both are strangers to each other. While some one using this service, we do not track any data of the user including chat content. The service is made for fun.

Why the Anonymous Chat is helpful to us?

Sometimes we feel bore and our minds want to fun without risk. This is the place where you can have fun without worried. Do whatever in your mind.

Who can be benefit with Anonymous Chat?

People who like to chat, fun, flirt, or even depressed. Anyone can use this service to enjoy and refreshments.

Should I use this service?

If you like to have a fun, you should try that. But please keep it in mind that, this service is not being moderated. So good, bad worst thing (abusive activity) may happen while you are talking to a stranger. It is highly recommended that – never share your information with the stranger, and you are safe.

The negative point of the Anonymous Chat

The service requires high server resource. So, we tweaked this service to reduce the server load. By doing so, the chat is not experience real time but it is almost real time (3 seconds delay).
We earn from our advertisers, so we will push text based advertisement into your chat conversation. We hope you can understand that.

How to use the Anonymous Chat (Getting started)

Simply wait until ChatBot connects you with another stranger. When connected, start chatting and have fun. If you do not like your partner, click the New Chat button (left side of the chat text field). This will destroy your ongoing chat session and start a new one with another stranger. when done, simply leave the page.
It is recommended to click on New Chat button before you leave. By doing so, your chat content will be deleted instantly. In case you forget to click on that button, no worries – we will delete your chat content after 10 minutes of inactivity. Either way your chat history data will be delete and nothing left to track you.

Is the Anonymous Chat free?

Yes, it is 100% free service to use. Not only that, if you own a website, and you want to add this system to your website you can use this for free of cost.

If you noticed, you can see they are offering their client site code (jquery, bootstrap based javascript). You are free to edit the code and use it to your website. You can change look and feel as your existing website has. Server resource is theirs, that means you don’t need strong server resource of your own. Well, of course you can edit the code as per your need but it must not be against their terms of service. The service is secure and un-tracked. Nothing asked from you and chat history is deleted automatically after you or your visitors left the chat.

Here is the link of their page. Anonymous Chat.

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