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Do you like to take photos? Searching for a platform where you can publish your photo and share with the world?

For whom: Students, normal person having hobby with photography, professionals, personal photo archives, art gallery etc. Apart form that, this can be use as photo based portfolio.

Story-line: Mr. Joseph wants to start a photography business with his friends. They are conformable with taking photographs for individuals, events and organizations. One of his friend is very good with editing videos. So Mr. Joseph needs a website where he can put some of his photograph sample, contact page and a blog. Actually he likes to share his photography skills and experience with others by using that blog. The gallery will hold his best quality photographs.

Website screenshots:



Benefits: If your though like Mr. Joseph or similar, this website for you. When you purchase this site, you don’t need to do anything for your own except few things like – changing contact description and update images of your own.

You will get back-end to manage all of necessary things to do it yourself way. This includes changing text, images, writing blogs, posting videos etc. We will guide you for each steps until you learn properly. If you like to learn yourself – here is the back-end management tutorials for you.

Demo URL: Photography 1 (Navigate here for PASSWORD)

Support: We will set up this website for you and make it live. Purchasing domain, setup hosting, making the site live – leave to us. After live the website, we will optimize it with advanced tool. This includes site security, search engine (like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) indexing. If you already have social sites like Facebook, we will connect the website for you.

Most of them, we are giving support for each and everything you need. For more details please have a look on our frequently asked page.

Price: See our pricing page.

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