What is vitamin B complex actually?

Vitamin “B” Complex These are a large variety of vitamins in the B group, the more important being all the eight B Vitamins that is: B1 -Thaimine B2 – Riboflavine B3 – Niacin or Nicotinic acid B5 – Pantothenic acid B6 – Pyrodoxine B7 – Biotin B9 – Folic Acid B12 – Cobolamin “Red Vitamin” […]

Essential Vitamins and why you need them to survive healthy

The word ‘Vitamine’ meaning a vital amine was proposed by a Polish Researcher, Dr. Cacimir Funk, in 1911 to designate a new food substance which cured beri-beri. Other terms were proposed as new factors were discovered. But the word vitamin, with the final ‘e’ dropped, met with popular favour. Vitamins are potent organic compounds which […]