How can you handle a negative person while you can’t leave them?

Honesty & dignity have nothing to do with cheap people.

You can’t concentrate on your work if you have family issues or negative persons around you. They might not say something but their negative energy field, negative attitude will distract from your work or creativity.

We all understand this feeling more or less and try to adjust with it. By doing so, we waste a lot of time for our creative work.

So how can you handle a negative person while you can’t leave them?

To fix a negative person, you need to NOT fix them and fix yourself. Yes, you read it correctly.

So here are the few steps which you can do to handle a negative person.

Ignore it, who gives a shit about “disrespect”? Are they paying your bills? They had their chance with you and now you have moved on. So don’t look backward. Do something good.

Master yourself to shut your mouth. Use less time with them. Don’t react but show them your answer.

Accept that you can’t help a negative person until they want to. Your attempt to help will be worse.

Prepare for the worst thing may happen to a negative person. But don’t try to stop their bad habit.

There is no reason to get hurt (physically and mentally) because of some one’s bad mood or attitude. You can lie in that moment which can not be proved as a lie. For example you can say, you have work to do or you are working while on a phone call.

They are sad, because they want to be. They always blame you, no matter what. If you didn’t do any wrong and they blame you, better to keep silent and make a distance with them.

Remember, if you throw a stone to shit it will come back to you and the environment will be smelled. Just stop answering and go to another room. Don’t speak unless it’s important.

The important thing is stay calm. Remember it’s their fault to be unhappy. Your helping words are not going to help, it will make it worse. Don’t say anything just show them what needs to be done.

Invest time to yourself to back up a negative person’s failure. (Medicine, childcare, education, clothing, and other expenses). But never prevent them from doing bad things. Even you know they are doing wrong.

They are not capable of understanding themselves. So don’t blame them. Its us who needs to be changed.

We create our negative environment in our brain. When you are angry or upset for these just remember “you, who create your own emotions”.

Just think this way: “I am angry because I am thinking I am angry”. Similarly, you may also say to yourself, “I am sad because I am thinking I am sad.”

Create a diary or use any online diary to give you your frustrations. It’s important to do.

When you are silent for a couple of days, the frustrations will increase within you. Basically you will engage again with any person with your frustrations. You don’t want to do that. Always express your feelings in your journal. This really helps.

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