What are the practical solutions to get up early?

The one and only practical way to getting up is Sleeping Early! Mind It!

The thing is you think you will sleep late and Wake up early beating your Laziness!
Even If you succeed in doing so, yes you can for max. 2-3 days, but what will happen to you on those days? You will feel lethargic, slow and restless!

The key to better life is better sleep! You need at least 7-8 hours of sleep if you’re in an environment of exhaustive work.The thing is why do you want to wake up early? Basically Its for Exercise/Workout or studying in case of students.Your sleep cycle also depends on the kind of food you eat! The best kind of eating is having a light meal at night so that when you wake up next morning you feel energetic rather than Lethargic!So give it a try!

Early to bed, Early to rise” is best and Wise.

Unable to do above?
Do the following but not recommended!
  1. Keep some irritating alarm in your cell phone and keep it at a distance where you need to get up and stop it.
  2. keep many alarms with duration of 5 min each. This will irritate you and you need to get up and change it.
  3. Sleep with lights ON.
  4. You can also use multiple clocks around u for alarm . U will be irritated to stop them within duration of 5 min so u have to get up and stop them all.

This also works!!!

Problem happens when you get into the habit of sleeping again after switching off your alarm. If you have to wake up at 4 AM, this is what you can do:

  1. Sleep at around 12:00, and set alarm for 1:30 AM.
  2. When you get up at 1:30 AM, you definitely feel little fresh and HAPPY as you have more than half of your total sleep still left. So put alarm for 3:50 and sleep again.
  3. Wake up at 3:50 and give yourself time to be awake fully.

If you are thinking about your alarm tone, I suggest use one of the best motivational audio track.

So, what you do to wake up early? Comment please.

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