What shall I do when everything goes wrong in my life?


Everything is a part of your life

First thing is – you must accept whatever is happening to your life. Don’t find the reason, believe me – you wont find any.

Once you understand that whatever you are doing is wrong to the world, that means time has come to change. Remember, World will not change for you but you need to change for the world.

You have some ethics, stick with it. But also you need to produce yourself as the world wants.To grow, you have to act as the situation wants. Because, in a comedy show everybody wants the joker not a serious true speaker. It’s a fact.

Do good stuff but never expect any good from them – that’s the world, that’s the truth. Do a list with the worst thing possibly can happen to you. Most importantly, make a plan to recover from it or even prevent it. This will give you more confidence about your life.

The story

A boy was born in a very rich family. He had everything he could ever want. He lived in a mansion that stretched as far as you could see. He could play golf at 8. He had a private tutor. Had a swimming pool all to himself. A home theater. Never met anyone whose net worth was < $1bn.

A few years later, in 2008 – the ‘crash’ happened. His father was a renowned Wall Street Investment Banker. His family lost everything. The Royal House. The Farmhouse. The Lamborghinis. The Family Goodwill.

Eventually – the family moved into a cheaper neighborhood

The boy found it very difficult to adjust to the new surroundings. Everything was going wrong in his life he thought.

Father knew it was time. It was time he gave his kid a ‘Spartan Reboot

Father told the boy to come home only after he had earned $1m.

The boy was devastated. He had never earned a single dollar in his life. How was he to accomplish such a herculean task ?

Next day – he left the town. He knew where he had to go. The place where it all started. The boy worked. The boy sweated. He saved every single penny he earned. He made terrible mistakes. He learnt from them. He became mentally stronger. Smarter. Wiser.

After 10 years – he visited his father. The door was opened by an old man in his 60s. The Father couldn’t recognize his son. The Boy was now a Man. The Man – leaped forward & gave his father the tightest hug ever.

‘Thank You Dad.’

The moral

The story here clearly portrays a very subtle message – ‘You can’t know something, until you know its opposite’

  • You cannot know what happiness is until you know what sadness is & vice versa
  • You cannot know what success is without knowing what failure is
  • You cannot know what is ‘right’ until you know what is ‘wrong
  • You cannot rise – until you have fallen – over & over again.

What to do then?

  1. When everything is going ‘wrong’ in your life – Work harder. Fall Harder. Work harder again. Fall harder again. In this process – you’ll realise that the ‘wrong’ phase in your life, was actually the ‘right’ one.
  2. When everything is going ‘wrong’ in your life – you are left with only one option – to grow. To become stronger than everybody else out there. There is no choice but to succeed. Pray that you fall that deep.
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