What stops you from having the life you want?

If you are thinking like below, that is the bottle neck to your goal!

It is true that most people are not living the life which they want and they deserve. There are many factors for leading a monotonous and colorless life. Let me list a few.

1: Focus

Most people want everything that is desirable in the world. They want to be rich, powerful, creative and famous. However, we have limited energies which gets dissipated when we are trying our hands on too many things. You have to focus on a few things only in order to achieve your heart’s desire.

2: Talents

Most people follow the rat race and never discover their special talents and aptitude. If you are into a profession which does not match your talents, you are hardly going to realize your full potential.

3: Courage

Whenever you travel on any new path, there is always more chances of failure. The crowded paths are safer and most people prefer safety to adventure. When you are not willing to take risk, you can’t achieve great successes in your life.

4. Mentality

  1. Blessed are those who live life fully and passionately.
  2. You must be ready to die any moment in order to live the most fulfilled life.
  3. You must be willing to suffer failure in order to achieve great success in life.
  4. You must be willing to lose in order to gain great things in life.

Basically, the common problems are:

  1. I can’t quit my job.
  2. I’m not good enough.
  3. I don’t think I have what it takes.
  4. I don’t have enough money.
  5. I need a mentor but I don’t think I’m worth his time.
  6. My ideas are not yet perfect

Think this way:  “I want it right now”. (This really works)


  1. If only I have more money…
  2. If only I’m younger…
  3. If only my wife is more understanding…
  4. If only the economy is good…
  5. If only heavens can bless me…
  6. Good lord, help!

Problem to resolve: Lack of discipline and strict with your plan. Never distract.

Selfish mentality

  1. I am the center of the Universe.
  2. My needs come first before others.
  3. Me, myself and I.

Problem to resolve: Start helping others if that not directly harm you.

Are you having following thoughts?

  1. Responsibilities. For once you can take risks in respect to what you gonna eat, but not if you have people to look after to.
  2. Self doubt. Yes. Big yes. More than anything else this lack of confidence stops us from trying for and living our dreams.
  3. Societal approval. Most often than not, we sacrifice or sideline what we want when it comes to a choice between what society would accept and appreciate and the former.
  4. Too much chaos in life. Lot of times one doesn’t even get the time to think about what one actually wants, forget about having it.
  5. Actions and wants not conforming to each other. A person who is not respectful to others cannot have respect even if he would want that. A person who is lazy and keeps procrastinating cannot achieve whatever he plans to no matter how much he wants that.
  6. Waiting for the right time. Because the truth is right time is now. Right time is when you start. Right time never comes on its own. You have to make the time right. If something is important, if you want something actually, you’ll make time for it.

What’s holding people back?

  1. Excuses.
  2. Stories.
  3. Negative habits.
  4. Self-limiting beliefs.
  5. Attitude.

If you’re not willing to be uncomfortable, you’ll never have the life you want.

Let me know how you are fighting with yourself for best version of yourself?

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